Santa Fean – Summer 2019

Laura Wait “Polar Regions” chosen as the front cover image for The Santa Fean, Fall 2019

Announcement for the upcoming Exhibition featuring Laura Wait, Eric Boyer, Gregory Frank Harris and newcomer Susan Faust

Quartet juxtaposes rhythmic paintings by Laura Wait, flowing wire mesh sculpture by Eric Boyer, Gregory Frank Harris’s painterly
landscapes, and gallery newcomer Susan Faust’s abstract paintings in oil.

Wait’s work is influenced by medieval illuminated manuscripts, Asian calligraphy, and modern graffiti. Her incorporation of abstracted symbols and words is simultaneously analytical and melodic. Faust’s work is inspired by the natural world. She was a landscape painter for 30 years before moving to abstraction.

“Even without the face, the ‘window to the soul,’ the body speaks volumes,”

Boyer’s wire mesh figures express the beauty of the human body. “Even without the face, the ‘window to the soul,’ the body speaks volumes,” he says. Harris takes inspiration from painters stretching from 17th to the 21st century.

His paintings are recognizable landscapes, but the influence of abstract painting is strong. —SE

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