I intend for my sculpture to be intriguing, both visually and psychologically, to draw your imagination into the pieces themselves, allowing you to come to your own conclusions.
There is no mythological record of a marriage between Psyche and Hermes, but if such a union did occur, Ted Gall is surely one of its progeny.
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From the maternal side he takes his major themes: soul, spirit, the human psyche, and the strange and wonderful workings thereof. From the paternal side come artistry, invention and wit, along with a penchant for delivering secret, not-quite-decipherable messages from the gods around us and within us. True to this heritage, Gall’s sculptures tend to work in ways that dreams do, presenting familiar images in unexpected combinations and contexts and leaving us to puzzle out what to make of them.

He leads us to uncover masks behind masks and tableaux within tableaux, drawing us down to deep places or bringing the depths almost into view, yet never presuming to tell us what we are seeing. As James Hillman has said of dreams, “everything within is able to be understood in a double sense, hermetically and metaphorically”, this is to be said of Ted Gall’s work too.Technically, Gall’s sculptures begin as modeled clay or wax or welded Cor-ten steel. The originals are then cast into bronze, aluminum, or stainless steel using the lost wax method. Finally, the casts are further refined, polished, and patinated. The larger works are typically produced in editions of seven to ten. The smaller pieces are all unique, in that their components are arranged and assembled individually. Thus, while a concept may be repeated many times, each sculpture has its own distinct identity.Gall studied at the Art Institute of Chicago and the American Academy of Art and has served as consultant to the Art Institute and the Illinois Arts Council. He has taught art classes in Illinois and in California. His corporate collections include The Barber Vintage Motorsports Museum, Walt Disney, Bell & Howell, Standard Oil and others.
Artist Details
Various Materials
$3,000 – $60,000

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