Quantum physics is like a coin spinning in the air that you stop with your gaze, like poetry, like art. Then the same coin keeps spinning and stopping forever, showing a different face every time at a glance, and the glance is what builds the History of Art and the History of our Civilization
As a young artist, Paricio has always been focused on painting and its role within contemporary art theory and practice today. His interests lie in the..
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His interests lie in the influence that pop culture, internet and the digital era has had on traditional painting. His painting technique employs a mixture of photography, graphite drawing and collage, all carefully configured onto canvas.

Pedro has a delineated field of prismatic acrylic colors that he uses to add a colorful pop appeal to the paintings. He has found inspiration in western masters from Raphael to Caravaggio to Bacon.
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Acrylic on linen

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