Expressing the dynamic between a kaleidoscope of colored light and the form it half conceals..
Mark Kaplan is a Neo-impressionist characterized by his energy. His interest for the ungraspable breathes life into his artistic expressions creating a dynamic between a kaleidoscope of colored light and the form it half conceals.
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Born in St.Petersburg, Mark studied drawing at the Academy of Fine Arts and also the Institute of Theater and Cinema. Before dedicating himself fully to painting, he worked as a set -designer for the theater and film which gave him free rein to explore his passion for color and extravagance. From this theatrical period Mark Kaplan has retained in his paintings a trademark for stylization and dramatic compositions which appear in his bouquets of huge irises or gladioli painted in dark crimson or bright red while his neo - impressionistic paintings of rural modern landscapes radiate a kaleidoscope of colored light and warmth.

Mark Kaplan’s impressive painting techniques are influenced by the impressionistic and post impressionistic traditions. His work can be seen in Galleries and found in private collections in Singapore, Miami, New York, Paris and Tokyo.
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St.Petersburg, RU

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