The camera becomes a sketchbook of my painting..
An accomplished photographer, Manfred began to focus on painting after a three-month safari through East Africa in 1974. From there-forward, the landscape motif becomes the central theme of his artistic work.
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Born 1943 in Klagenfurt, Austria. Bockelmann completed his studies in 1966 with a degree in fresco painting, graphics and photography in Graz and started a successful career as a photographer for major magazines in Munich. In 1984, the illustrated book "STILLE" ( Quietly) by Neufeld Verlag appears about his own work. Photography and painting remain on an equal footing in his work to this day.

Manfred Bockelmann has shown his work in more than 100 exhibitions in galleries and at art fairs in Germany and abroad. In 1999 his photo project "ARCHETEKTUR" motif and image was presented at Sotheby's in Vienna. His paintings are represented in numerous private and public collections. Since 1990 he works and lives with his family in Carinthia, Munich and Vienna.
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Oil on Canvas

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