Daniel Crews-Chubb’s paintings comprise enthralling convolutions of historic imagery, digital culture, and art historical modes of representation. Like weathered walls bearing heavy layers of graffiti, grime and whitewash, these paintings manifest labyrinthine webs of fascinating and problematic societal carryovers from a spectrum of previous eras and cultures.
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In his practice, Crews-Chubb depicts the human body in intensely formed male and female figures, closely referencing the raw expression of the French painter Jean Dubuffet and his Art Brut style. His bold and vibrant works employ a traditional, expressionistic, painterly language wrestling with his primary influences – primitive art, ancient rituals and amateur anthropology. Crews-Chubb completed the Painters Studio Programme at Turps Art School in 2013, having previously graduated from Chelsea College of Art in 2009.

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Mixed Media on Canvas

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