The use of color has changed with this desire for greater simplicity
I have been painting for most of the past 55 years. For much of the last 10-15 years my interest in photographing centered on cities: buildings, cityscapes, architecture and patterns here in the United States and our travels abroad.
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The architectural photos have informed my latest work: using minimal detail and concentrating on the balance of line, form and color. As this progressed, I began to have images just occur to me using forms that interest me and these often become a series of pieces. The use of color has changed with this desire for greater simplicity.

I find myself using a far more limited palette that is closer to earth and sky. As always, one painting leads to another. Forms in photos I’ve taken and those I chance to see in the world around me begin with drawings, which often go through numerous changes until finally the drawing arrives at the point that I feel the composition would make a painting that is hopefully interesting, calming and elegant.
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Oil on Canvas
Tucsan, AZ

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